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Updated: Jan 28, 2022

How to Roll a Backwoods

This guide assumes you’ve rolled a blunt before using either a prepackaged blunt wrap or a typical paper-y wrap cut from a conventional cigar. If so, keep in mind that you won’t be working with cigar paper here; you’ll be working with raw tobacco leaves, which are much more fragile than tobacco paper.

  1. Breakdown your cannabis by hand or use a grinder. Set the cannaabis on your rolling tray.

  2. Remove the backwoods wrap from the raw tobacco. Locate the natural split that divides the blunt along its length. Starting from one end of the cigar, carefully unravel the split all the way to the other end.

  3. Now, carefully unroll the cigar to remove the wrap from the tobacco. Lick the outside of the wrap during this step, to keep the blunt fresh.

  4. After the tobacco is removed, carefully place the wrap on a flat surface.

  5. Moisten the inside of the wrap. If the outside is still dry, consider moistening the outer side, too. (Note: Some people can pull off the roll without ever moistening the wrap. If you’ve got those surgeon-steady hands, by all means, save your tongue for the very end.)

  6. Fill the center of the wrap with weed. Small, hand-picked buds will provide a smoother smoke than using a grinder, even though that sounds counterintuitive. We’re not talking about joints here, after all...

  7. Begin rolling the wrap over the weed, pressing the plant material into a tight cylinder. Feel free to use your flat surface (tray, table, etc.) to introduce additional pressure when rolling the blunt.

  8. As you get to the end of the roll, you’ll notice there’s a piece of wrap dangling off at an angle. Lick or moisten this piece, then use it to seal the blunt closed.

  9. Wait for the blunt to dry, or use a heat source (tip of a lighter flame, a lamp bulb, etc.) to speed up the drying process.

  10. Smoke that shit.


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