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What's up Leafers? Welcome to the latest edition of Westleaf Cannabis where we interview upcoming cannabis entrepreneurs. Today's guest is Angelina Aadams. Angelina Aadams, a wellness enthusiast, thinks that "now is one of the most significant periods of our time." Over the years she's managed to cultivate a passion for cannabis, which she views as an archetype of healing and rebirth, while getting her BSc in Business Operations from Westwood University. She recently published Ganja Girl Adventures: A Stoner Girls' Coloring Book, which she hopes will honor the child in everyone. Check out our interview with Angela below!

Westleaf Staff: What is your name and where are you located?

Angelina: I am Angelina Aadams, and I live in Biloxi, Mississippi.

Westleaf Staff: How did you become interested in the cannabis industry?

Angelina: I became interested in the cannabis industry when I was brainstorming on how to leave my ex. I would try different edibles to try and escape my shit life with a tryannical ex. Instead. I would think of elaborate plans to move my life forward and succeed according to my genuine path. I thus became addicted to learning all the spiritual and medical benefits of a flower gifted by the Creator according to my gifts.

Westleaf Staff: Where did the inspiration for your product or service come from?

Angelina: My interest in cannabis.

Westleaf Staff: Describe the challenges that you faced while starting your business?

Angelina: The challenges I faced when starting were: 1. not having a reliable support system. I saw people come to me seemingly as enthused as I, and I have seen them go just as quickly. I assume I feed their desires or needs because I firmly believe that, when I am elevated, I transcend energy like no other.

Westleaf Staff: Do you believe cannabis will become federally legal in the near future?

Angelina: I believe anything is possible. It is all our stories being replayed from the past. For whatever reasons, all stories repeat themselves. We continue the fight as a people, and a great victory will be gifted to the people.

Westleaf Staff: Have you taken advantage of any local programs for cannabis entrepreneurs?

Angelina: I have yet to cast my net wide enough to see what's out there! As I said, the waters are massive. I am always open to guidance!

Westelaf Staff: Do you consume cannabis or is it strictly business?

Angelina: I partake a little. I elevate during the most stressful moments of my existence. I only found cannabis six years ago. I was in my plotting mode then. A house mom looking for freedom.

Westleaf Staff: What is your flagship product?

Angelina: I broke into the industry professionally a short while ago with "Ganja Girl Adventures: A Stoner Girls' Coloring Book". If you find relaxation in ire vibes and cool chicks that aren't overdone, cool, this well-done coloring book has 66 pages of surreal adventure art, keeping you entertained and tripped out.

Westleaf Staff: Where do you see your company five years from now?

Angelina: Five years from now, I see my writing, art, and creations worldwide! Highly sought-after as collectors' items! Yes, I have big dreams, and I am not afraid to fail. I have learned "My" formulae, and thus far, they work like a charm.

Westleaf Staff: Describe the most interesting story that you have as a cannabis entrepreneur.

Angelina: I went to a family cookout where my two elder aunts, who were, at the time, 71 and 73, were enjoying the circle with us young ones. I remember the circle we created with our chairs. I remember mine being rainbow print. I recall selecting it specifically for the effects it was going to give me the higher I got. It did not disappoint. As I was sitting there, enjoying my headspace, my 73-year-old aunt smoked far beyond anything I could comprehend. LOL. She started slumping over in her seat. Eyes closed and her head slightly hanging. Totally unresponsive. The family jumped up, trying to wake her. Calling her name and shaking her shoulders. No response, still. I am now at my highest point. Fuck, I am too high for this shit, was all I could think because my fucking limbs were immobile. That shit looked all bad and fucking ruined my day. LOL She finally woke up, and we all asked, "Auntie, are you okay? What's wrong?" She said, "Hell, high". LOL She's amazing in every interaction I have with her. Shit, with both of them.

Westleaf Staff: What is your advice for future cannabis entrepreneurs?

Angelina: For all the new entrepreneurs, my advice to you is that it is not how you fall, but how you pick yourself up and dust yourself off. Growth and change are inevitable. Grab the bulls by their horns and ride those big bitches like the champs you already are!





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