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Biden: His Stance on Marijuana Proves He Still Has Work to Do

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

President Biden Current Stance on Cannabis Legalization

The cannabis legalization stance of President Joe Biden remains unwavering. However, many Democratic senators are struggling to end the federal prohibition of marijuana. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki stated, “President Biden believes in decriminalizing the use of marijuana, but his position has not changed.”

Psaki said that the president upholds leaving choices concerning legalization for recreational use up to the states, rescheduling cannabis as a Schedule II drug so researchers can consider its positive and adverse impacts. At the federal level, he upholds decriminalizing pot use and consequently canceling earlier criminal records.

Why is Biden's marijuana stance ten years behind the curve?

According to CNN, Biden and the federal government are stuck in the past regarding marijuana reform. Five members from the Biden administration are admitting past marijuana use. However, marijuana is still illegal under federal laws.

Federal marijuana laws and public attitudes toward legalization are different. The public is much more favorable towards legalizing it.

The Gallup poll and NORC poll in America shows that approximately 68% of Americans favored legalizing marijuana for recreational use.

Maybe the President did not perceive the astounding expansion in support for cannabis legitimization throughout the most recent twenty years. In 2010, marijuana legitimization was in the minority position. Only 46% of Americans were for it, and others against it. In 2000, a simple 31% were for legalization. When Biden began his career as a freshman congressperson in 1973, 16% supported cannabis legalization, and 78% were against it.

In 2020, four different states had ballot measures for legalizing cannabis. These states also being racially diverse blue states include: New Jersey (67%), Arizona (60%), Montana (57%), and South Dakota (54%).

What's outstanding here is that cannabis legitimization got a higher percentage of the vote than Biden in each state. Weed approval was around 10 points higher in (New Jersey) and almost 20 points higher in (South Dakota) than Biden.

Biden's Opposition to Marijuana Legalization:

The question of whether President Biden will veto a legalization bill is unclear. Psaki's latest comment shows that a growing number of Republican and Democratic lawmakers are criticizing Biden’s administrative decision regarding marijuana legalization.

An alliance of 30 Democratic members from Congress sent letters to Biden last week that requests explanation on Biden’s plans. They also urge that earlier cannabis utilization not be utilized as a defense to exclude individuals from serving in the central government.

Vice President Kamala Harris and one other Cabinet members are on record about their past pot use encounters.

Basically, in a country where the fact of the matter is considered pliant, we need to show our young local officials that coming clean is a noteworthy quality, not one to be rebuffed," the senator composed.

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