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Gov. John Carney has vetoed a bill that would have legalized cannabis for all adults 21 and older in Delaware.

The legislation, House Bill 371, was passed by both the state House and Senate earlier this month. The bill has been sitting on Carney’s desk awaiting his signature, which would have made Delaware the nation’s 19th legal state.

Instead, Carney chose to reject the bill earlier this morning.

The governor’s action sets up a showdown with the legislature, which would need a 3/5ths vote to override Carney’s veto. Carney is a Democrat, and both houses of the legislature are majority Democrat.

The legislature may well have the votes to do it—which would mark the first successful veto override in Delaware since 1977.

The legalization bill, HB 371, passed both the state House and Senate by veto-proof votes: 26-14 in the House and 13-7 in the Senate. Twenty-five votes are be required in the House to override a veto, and 13 are required in the Senate. To override the governor’s veto, legislators would need to recast their ballots and Carney would need to convince two House members or one state Senator to switch their votes.

Delaware legislators have until June 30, when the legislative session ends, to override the governor’s veto.

Source: Leafly

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