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10 of the Most Popular Cannabis Instagram Influencers

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

In this digital age, companies and brands take their message directly to the masses. When it comes to the cannabis industry, there are lots of restrictions on advertising cannabis products. Shut out of many traditional forms of advertising; Cannabis owners are turning to cannabis influencers.

Cannabis Instagram influencers know how to create content for cannabis marketing without breaking any rule. Moreover, cannabis brands don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on ads. Collaboration with influencers is an excellent option for promotion. There are numerous cannabis Instagram influencers you have to follow since you cannot market your products on billboards and Google ads.

Cannabis Instagrammers not only promote brands but they also appeal to cannabis fans. Whether you are a cannabis fan or a brand looking for an effective marketing strategy, cannabis influencers are the best to check out.

Cannabis Instagram Influencers

Some cannabis influencers focus on entertaining content, while others tackle more serious aspects of cannabis legalization. Here are the top ten cannabis influencers to follow.

Cheech & Chong:

Two of the most historical cannabis influencers in cannabis culture since the 70s, Cheech & Chong, not only promote during touring activity but they also promote a wide range of cannabis products and cannabis news. The pair also share entertaining content for cannabis fans.


ImCannaBess started its journey exploring and detailing political activism, but soon they became one of the biggest cannabis influencers on Instagram. Now they share interesting products and stylish 420-related content with their followers.

Kass & Honey:

Generally, share their love for marijuana-related products by running a YouTube channel on Instagram. Kass and Honey love to share everything, from reviews of cannabis products to entertaining content for marijuana lovers.

Trippy. Treez:

Trippy. Treez is such a popular platform and having 240,000 loyal followers shows how popular Instagram page has become. This page covers crucial topics related to marijuana. To make her page well worth looking at, she regularly shares reviews of cannabis-infused products from companies.


At jackey_420, you can get full marijuana-related content and review of cannabis products. The page has a fair share of everything, from glass bongs to e-rigs.

Koala. Puffs:

She is the most endearing cannabis Instagram influencer with an engaging personality. She loves to share every cannabis-related news, from entertaining memes to cannabis educational news to their followers.

Steve DeAngelo:

He is known as the Father of the cannabis industry due to his ongoing work on cannabis legalization and promoting better cannabis education. Steve is a cannabis Instagram influencer with 37k loyal followers.


Focuses on counteracting the myth that stoners are lazy and passive. With over 56k Instagram followers, her page shows cannabis farming accessories and multiple lifestyle posts.

Pothead. Princes:

Initially, this influencer started posting her adventure with cannabis in Amsterdam and, soon after this, started receiving a request from cannabis companies to promote their products.

Shades of Syd:

Syd is a cannabis influencer who promotes wellness, health, and overall self-care. Generally, her content focuses on educating people about medical marijuana and recommending the best strand for health symptoms.

Final Thoughts:

Right now, numerous cannabis Instagram influencers focus on entertaining people and promoting cannabis products. All the marijuana brands can follow these cannabis influencers to market their products.

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