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Treally Treal is an artist from Fayetteville, North Carolina who is in a class of his own. His unique flow, delivery, and rhyme schemes are unmatched and these attributes are what separates him from other artists who are from the south. He has made hit records with members from the legendary group Bone Thugs –N- Harmony, which he holds his own and showcases his ability to switch styles and rhyme patterns at the drop of a dime. With his recently released album entitled “I Keeps It Treal 2”, Treally Treal delivers a masterpiece which can be categorized as an underground Hip-Hop classic. This album takes us through a vibrant experience as we witness Treal’s development and lyrical maturity. Treally Treal states “He wanted to bring something new that will show growth from his previous I Keeps It Treal album but also continue to give his fans the music that they have grown to love”. With songs such as “IDGAF” and “How I Roll”, Treally Treal displays his confident rap skills and puts the world on notice that he does not entertain negativity and that he will remain humble and focused on career progression. He takes us back to his roots as he raps on “Da Ville” produced by long-time friend and producer Push Wayne; bringing us through his days as a youth growing up in his hometown and providing insight on what one might see when they visit the city. Treally Treal has two new singles out now titled “Heat it Up” and “IDGAF” which can be found on Youtube and all other streaming platforms. While you are checking out his new music, be sure to take a dive into his past projects. I Keeps it Treal, Radio, and Change Tha Game will be sure to satisfy your palate if you are looking for hip-hop that has crazy beats, smooth flows, and pure originality.

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Connect with Treally Treal via Instagram: MrTreallyTreal

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