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T Jones: Louisiana Rapper Is The Next To Blow

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New Orleans, Louisiana is a place where dreams don't come true until you're loathed or killed. That's been T Jones' experience in New Orleans as he's sought to establish a name for himself as a musician and entrepreneur over the years. And his music is a reflection of those experiences. TJones' songs have their own distinct flavor and appeal, and each fits a particular mood and atmosphere. He considers his music as an instrument that displays his life through his writing abilities, with many of the songs telling stories from his point of view. He describes himself as a "fly on the wall."

"I've been through a lot of strange circumstances and have come out unharmed. I've been in the wrong locations at the wrong times on occasion. In general I enjoy my way of life. There's nothing out of the ordinary or outlandish about the stories. More than anything, it offers you a new feel and a new flavor in a way that tingles your ears because it's unique," stated the up and coming M.C..

T Jones has always repped for New Orleans. He was born and reared on the streets of the city in the 1980s. He's done everything from landscaping, to barbering, to working as an auto mechanic to make ends meet throughout the years. But hip hop has always been his first love and he's worked hard to establish himself and carve out a niche in an overcrowded music scene. With an attractive Louisiana drawl reminiscent of Juvenile or Lil Wayne, it's easy to see he's straight out of NOLA. But his music and lyrics are all his own and he's pleased about how far he's come as a solo artist over the years.

Jones explained, "I have my own voice and I'm not a one-trick pony. I've gone through a lot of growth and I understand how crucial it is for artists to grow. That distinguishes you from those who rely solely on their natural abilities. My music is influenced by my soul, my hustle, and my surroundings. I wasn't born to be an angel and I write about what I believe to be true about myself and my life. I write about what I've done (or haven't done)--what I've seen and what I'm passionate about. I want to use music to spread a message of encouragement. I've done my fair share of things that you shouldn't be doing. But at the end of the day, I'm just like you, trying to reach out to the world with a message. So here I am, a fresh new face who is going to do something unique. Jones continued, "You have to let the energy flow. Pour it all over the streets. People will stroll all over it and become completely engulfed in it. Let whatever it is that defines you drip with swagger."

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