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Meet Skylar Blatt, the Barred-Out Cincy Beauty Who Is About To Blow

Westleaf Staff

Cincinnati is a blue collar town, known as the home of the Bengals, the Reds, Skyline Chili, and Procter & Gamble. But despite a bustling scene, the Queen City isn't really known for its hip-hop. Enter rising rapper Skylar Blatt, who has the talent and charisma to put her city on the rap map. Her crushing bars and knack for easy melody has earned her co-signs from some of the biggest artists in the game, and with ILWT/Saint Ka$h/Arista Records at her back, the sky is the limit.

Raised by a single mother as one of six kids, Skylar learned early lessons about the high stakes of life on the Cincinnati streets. When her mom lost her job, she moved in with her Grandma–who Skylar describes as a "gangsta"–who taught her how to survive on her own. She found a safe harbor in hip-hop, escaping her troubles by listening to rappers from all regions–she learned free associative rhyming from Lil Wayne, picked up feminine fury from Nicki Minaj, took notes on the creative use of melody by artists like Young Thug and Future, and implemented plenty of the tough-talking bravado she learned from NY rappers like 50 Cent, Juelz Santana and Jadakiss.

With 10,000 hours of hip-hop study in the bank and a style that she knew stood out from others in her city, she started to embark on her own hip-hop dreams. At first, she uploaded freestyles to her personal Facebook and Instagram pages, and when those gained traction, she started writing her own songs. After gaining an early co-sign from Meek Mill, and a glowing profile from Lyrical Lemonade, the young rapper started collaborating with many of the Midwest's finest rappers, connecting with Babyface Ray and fellow Cincinnati rapper Midwest Milly for "Exactly," racking up over 800k YT views, and teaming with Icewear Vezzo for the sinister "God Forbid." A lifelong Bengals fan, she teamed with fellow Ohioan Doe Boy to craft "BENGALS (SUPER BOWL)," an anthem meant to cheer on Joe Burrow and company as they played in Super Bowl LVI. In October 2023, Skylar shared her mixtape Blatt SZN, home to "God Forbid" and ten other Cincy slappers. The tape won her a fan in Lola Brooke, who hopped on a remix to her song "F*ck Fame."

Skylar is currently riding a wave of momentum from her new single “Laughin To Tha Bank,” a hard-hitting anthem that is already beginning to impact local radio in Cincinnati. Produced by Too Dope and Akachi, “Laughin To Tha Bank” is a perfect exemplar of what makes Skylar a special talent: rhyming through a sly grin, Skylar crafts an addictive cadence, alternating rich life flexes with intimidating tough talk with effortless ease: "See I'm the type who took her on a date/Just so she can show me where she stay if you ever at her place," rhymes Skylar.

Now, as the inaugural signee to Saint Ka$h Records, the record label founded by Kendell "Sav" Freeman, Skylar is looking to become the next Midwest rapper to break things open. With more music and, "Wake Up," a major collaboration with Chris Brown coming this Friday, April 26th, the Queen City queen is ready to defy the odds. Watch this space.

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