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Our goal as musicians is to be heard, and a trap most artists are unfortunately falling into is buying fake streams.

As we know, this is not growing your music career. However, if you want to reach real people and finally get your music playing on autopilot; there’s this new platform called RAP VILLE, that allows upcoming artists to submit their music easily to radio stations and get a review in less than seven days.

They are changing the game for musicians and it's not something you want to miss out on as a dedicated artist.

The incredible factor radio marketing brings to the music industry is the incompatibility it has with other streaming platforms. It does not compete with your other marketing methods as an artist; like playlisting, blogs, interviews, and social media. In fact, radio only compliments your growth with essential benefits.

To name a few:

1. Performance opportunities; don’t forget that radio DJs are still DJs and are constantly performing. This only opens more doors for you as an emerging artist.

2. More exposure from connecting with your fans.

3. Record deals. Not that you need them but they come!

4. Funding for your music career and side projects.

5. Making valuable connections in the music industry which will fuel your growth as it has for so many huge names we see today!

Submit your music through RAP VILLE today and grow your music career. It’s finally time to be heard on the radio, at the click of a button.


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