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Producer Thousand Times Teams Up With ‘NightCafe’ Artificial Intelligence To Create Cover Art

Westleaf Staff

Always looking to push the limits of whats possible music producer, visual artist, and mogul Thousand Times has partnered with the world's most advanced artificial intelligence ‘NightCafe’ to begin creating one of a kind artworks that he is incorporating in cover art for music projects, designs for his clothing line ‘Strength In Numbers’, and to create NFT’s ranging from $10-$1m.

The story of the NightCafe project in an interesting one. NightCafe Creator was founded by Angus Russell in November 2019 from the spare bedroom of his tiny semi-detached house in Sydney’s Inner-West. As of October 2022, over 35 million AI-generated artworks have been created on the platform.

Angus started NightCafe after a house guest commented on how bare his walls looked. Angus agreed, and jumped online the next day to look for some art to buy. After scrolling through hundreds of pages of artworks on every wall-art store he could find, he was left unsatisfied. Nothing seemed personal enough. You couldn't have a conversation about it with a visitor.

Having known that AI Art had been a thing for years, he thought "maybe I can generate some more personalized art using AI". Surprisingly, his Google searches yielded few results. Forgetting about his own walls, Angus became obsessed with making this "obvious" idea available to the world.

The rest is history. NightCafe Creator - originally a neural style transfer app - launched on Reddit in November 2019, and Angus has been working on it ever since.

In late 2020, Angus' wife Elle joined the founding team as Chief Operating Officer.

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