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What's up Leafers? Welcome to the latest edition of On the Rise where we interview upcoming hip hop talent. Today's guest is, KoolkidRockwell, an artist hailing from Miami. Kool Kid's style can be characterized as futuristic and motivational while maintaining an element of intrigue that captivates audiences. He is a seasoned artist with strong audio and visual content that make him standout from his peers. Watching and listening to KoolkidRockwell will be exciting in the years to come. But enough from us! Let's hear from Koolkid.

Westleaf Staff: When did you start making music?

KoolkidRockwell: "I started making music in 8th grade, music was really my only outlet to let my emotions go as a kid. I wasn’t ever really good at talking or expressing myself, so yeah the music did it for me."

Westleaf Staff: How did your early life shape your interest in music?

KoolkidRockwell: During my early life I watched my parents. My dad used to freestyle to me and my mom when I was a kid and I always thought that was cool. I never had any friends who’s dads rapped so that was different, plus my parents always smoked weed so the music was always their way of having a good time when they were high lol."

Westleaf Staff: Who is your biggest musical influence?

KoolkidRockwell: "As of now my biggest musical influence would have to be Drake. Only because he’s so versatile. You can never expect what he’s coming with next and it's easy to connect with his music to the point that it feels like you're living it. "

Westleaf Staff: What makes you a unique artist?

KoolkidRockwell: "What makes me a unique artist is that I don’t sound like anybody but myself. Like yeah I have influences, but I don’t sound like anybody. You can play 100 songs and know which is mine every-time because I only sound like myself."

Westleaf Staff: What does art mean to you?

KoolkidRockwell: Art means everything to me… without art there’s no life. Art is how we all express ourselves, it’s the most beautiful thing really…

Westleaf Staff: Describe music in three words.


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Sarah Aguilar
Sarah Aguilar
Feb 24, 2022

Ayeee I went to school with him! Congrats to the koolkid! 👏👏👏👏

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