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What's up Leafers? Welcome to the latest edition of On the Rise where we interview upcoming hip hop talent. Today's guest is artist, Kiontai Lawson. Lawson reps San Antonio, Texas and his music seamlessly fuses R&B, Rap, Funk, and Pop sounds. Lawson released his first album in. 2022, “Love Crisis,” collaborating with well-acclaimed producers like Robin Weasley and Def Starz. The Texas based MC is making moves in his town so we had to tap in with him! Check out the interview below.

Westleaf Staff: What's up, Tai? Your sound is dope. When did you start making music?

Kiontai Lawson: I started my music career back in 2014.

Westleaf Staff: That's dope! What city do you represent?

Kiontai Lawson: I don’t represent any city at the moment my music headquarters are based in San Antonio, Texas.

Westleaf Staff: Shoutout to San Antonio. So how did you create your stage name?

Kiontai Lawson: My stage name, there isn’t one. Kiontai Lawson is the name my mother gave to me. Through my brand I am also recognized as the “TheMaskMusician.”

Westleaf Staff: I like that your name has meaning . So how did your early life shape your interest in music?

Kiontai Lawson: I was exposed to music at an early age listening to the early sounds of Motown records then from the 80s to the late 2000s. Not be held down to one genre I heard it all and continue to discover new songs everyday.

Westleaf Staff: So who is your biggest Musical influence?

Kiontai Lawson: I witness plenty of great musical artist in my lifetime but my biggest influence is Michael Jackson, he was the blueprint in all aspects in the industry. I will continue to learn from him and create my own legacy.

Westleaf Staff: So cool! It's coming! So what makes you a unique artist?

Kiontai Lawson: Through the characters I create in my music because every song has a story or plot behind it. I know I have 3 to 4 minutes to tell the story but I want the listeners to actually play attention to the lyrics.

Westleaf Staff: Dope! Much respect. So what does art mean to you?

Kiontai Lawson: Art is energy. Be it your own, or for others. It is an outlet that can be a reflection of who you are, who you want to be. Our life experiences give us a rollercoaster of emotions where we can express ourselves in many forms.

Westleaf Staff: That's deep! Where do you see your music career going over the next few years?

Kiontai Lawson: Continue to build a strong foundation in my career working with the best people who can help me reach new heights.

Westleaf Staff: I wish you much success this year! Before we go, describe music in three words.

Kiontai Lawson: Breathtaking, raw, and emotional

Follow Kiontai Lawson:

Instagram - @mask.junkie_

Twitter - @themaskmusician

Spotify - Kiontai Lawson

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