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What's up Leafers? Welcome to the latest edition of Westleaf Culture. where we interview upcoming pop culture figures. Today's guest is Keonche Hines. Keonche hines was born in Ahoskie North Carolina on May, 7, 1997! and was raised in Lewiston, North Carolina. He was the middle child of 3 on his mother's side. Keonche attended Bertie High School and many more schools while his mother was traveling with different jobs as they moved quite often. But somehow they always found their way back to the roots that made him who he is today, Lewiston-Woodville NC! Keonche's been making moves on the comedy scene in his area so we had to tap in. Check out the interview below.

Westleaf Staff: When did you start your comedy journey?

Keonche: As A Young Kid I Was Always Told I Was Funny, When I Left School I Decided To Take My Comedy Career Serious In 2014. As I Played A Character Name “Pontaquanasia” On Vine!

Westleaf Staff: That's dope. You've been funny. What city do you represent?

Keonche: I Represent Lewiston-Woodville NC, Even Though I Moved From There I Still Love Where I Come From. I Started There, I Filmed 2 Movies There. And That’s The Place I Decided To Become A Comedian.

Westleaf Staff: That's dope. So you've been funny. How did your early life shape your interest in comedy?

Keonche: I Was Always Around Funny Older People, From My Grandad To Uncles And Cousins We Always Had Laughs. But The Funniest Person I Have Ever Met Was My Once Step-Dad Name “PJ”. I Learned Everything I Know About Comedy From Him.

Westleaf Staff: How did you create your stage name?

Keonche: Honestly I Have To Thank My Mom For That. My Stage Name Is My Government Name. All My Life I Was A Nobody, In School, On The Streets, And Even To So Called Friends. I Meant Nothing To Them And I’ve Always Got Overlooked. No Longer Will I Let Such A Great Name Die. “Keonche Hines” Is Who I Am And “Keonche Hines” You Will Always Remember.

Westleaf Staff: Who is your biggest comedic influence?

Keonche: My Biggest Comedic Influence May Very Well Be Bernie Mac. His Deliverance Of Any Joke That Comes Out His Mouth Was A Smash Hit. When They Named Him The King Of Comedy They Didn’t Lie. Some Say I Sound Like Him, But Really It’s Unintentional. I Just Watched Him My Whole Life So It May Come Off As He Did.

Westleaf Staff: Bernie is a legend! What has been the defining moment in your comedy career?

Keonche: My Favorite Moment Of Doing Comedy Was The Year Of 2016. I Was In My Old Neighborhood Of Lewiston-Woodville NC, And Me And My Crew Decided To Take Skits To The Next Level Amd We Created Two Short Film Movies, Titled “Happy Birthday Keonche 1” And “Happy Birthday Keonche 2” It’s Was A Sequel! We Had Everyone In The Neighborhood Going Home Just To Watch It. But Then Another Favorite Moment I Had Was Last Year When I Sat With DJ Smallz Eyez.

Westleaf Staff: What makes you a unique comedian?

Keonche: What makes me unique In my Opinion Is The Fact That I Can Grab Any Situation And Find Comedy In It. Even If The Situation Is Bad! I Love Doing Comedy, And I Will Always Do It No Matter What. I Have No Desire To Ever Stop.

Westleaf Staff: What does comedy mean to you?

Keonche: Comedy Means Everything To Me, It’s The Reason I Get Up In The Morning. It’s The Reason Why I Have Terrific Confidence! Comedy Is The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me Other Than My Son And My Mother.

Westleaf Staff: Describe comedy in three words.

Keonche: Therapy, Peaceful, and GREAT!

Westleaf Staff: Where do you see your comedy career going over the next few years:

Keonche: The Sky Is The Limit For Me. I See Myself Hitting That Stage And Making Specials, I Also See Myself Doing Tv Shows And Movies And Much More. I Will Be One Of The Biggest Names In Comedy History!

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