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Jelly Announces Pi’erre Bourne-Produced Project, The Wolf of Peachtree 2, Arriving May 27th

Westleaf Staff

Jelly, the SOSSHOUSE stunner known as “Mr. Popular,” may have Jordan Belfort’s vibrant charisma and shrewd tenacity, but unlike that other “wolf,” he has the smooth elusiveness to stick around for a sequel. Returning to reprise his titular role, Jelly announces his next project, The Wolf of Peachtree 2, arriving May 27th. Entirely produced by long-time friend and mentor Pi’erre Bourne, who also contributes vocals to the project highlight “WYA,” The Wolf of Peachtree 2 refines Jelly’s cinematic style. Over Pi’erre’s genre-bending instrumentals and jaw-dropping transitions, Jelly delivers his most combative cadences yet on unrelenting project cuts like “Twin” and “Mumble Jumble.” Whereas Belfort’s wolf wakes up each morning with backaches and dry eyes, Peachtree’s wolf rises in a different fashion, as he kicks off “Pop It” rapping, “Woke up 10 o’clock, I’m feeling kinda pissed/The numbers just played, smoked a blunt, I dropped the fifth.”

Along with the project’s announcement, Jelly shares “Bubble Gum,” his new Juicy J-assisted single that puts the “peach” in “Peachtree.” A chirpy celebration of curvature coated in the influence of Three 6 Mafia, both in sound and subject matter, “Bubble Gum” sees the South Carolina native channel the immutable flows of Memphis’ underground with stunning efficacy. Never one to disappoint in the ponderance of posteriors, Juicy J delightfully enters the discussion on their common interest, rapping, “Damn, that a** bubbalicious/I had to smash two times, guess I’m double dipping.”

Jelly’s collaboration with Juicy J, who also lends his ear to the project as an engineer, helped to check an item off the rising rappers bucket list: “I linked up with Juicy J for the first time in December so that was cool meeting him,” says Jelly. “Me and Pi’erre love Juicy, Project Pat, and the whole Memphis wave they did. We pulled up, met Juicy — cool guy, real humble guy.”

As the South Carolinian prepares to roll out his 12-track sequel to 2020’s The Wolf of Peachtree with Pi’erre Bourne behind the boards, stay tuned for The Wolf of Peachtree 2, arriving on May 27th via SOSSHOUSE.

Stream "Bubble Gum" ft. Juicy J:

Pre-save The Wolf of Peachtree 2:

The Wolf of Peachtree 2 Tracklist:

  1. Motion

  2. Bubble Gum ft. Juicy J

  3. 8 O Clock

  4. Twin

  5. WYA ft. Pi’erre Bourne

  6. This Aint That

  7. In And Out

  8. Mumble Jumble

  9. Ice Cream

  10. Dead Presidents

  11. Pop It

  12. Member


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