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Chris, AKA Juggernaut is a former U.S. Marine and recovering alcoholic who up until recently felt like a very lost person. Through fellowship and the power of the Holy Spirit, Chris is no longer lost, and he's decided to follow the path of Jesus Christ as closely as possible.

"Although I fall short, I strive to be as close to our Lord and Savior as I can. I have started making music with my brethren in Christ who, like myself, share very unique stories and backgrounds. Our similarities create the message, but our differences make the sound, as we compliment each other with our raw and righteous music that is backed by the power of the Holy Spirit. With our music and our daily actions, we are taking the offensive by actively engaging in the spiritual battle that wages beyond the naked eye," Chris states.

When listening to Juggernaut's music one can tell the passion that he has for christ and his sound. Juggernaut has a gritty Eminem flow with righteous content that draws listeners in. Juggernaut is also a dual threat as he sings and raps. His latest track "Sanctified" shows his versatility and creative range. When listening to Juggernaut, it's clear to see that he's entered the game to stay. We're looking forward to seeing his growth over the years!

Follow Juggernaut:

Facebook: @iamjuggernaut7 ·


Youtube: Juggernaut

Spotify: Juggernaut

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