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Chow Lee may approach his music with the ferocity of a lone wolf, but when it comes to facing his demons, he’s got a strong support system to lean on. Expressing his gratitude to the sidearms and side pieces that helped him overcome hardships, Chow shares his new video single, “team effort!.” Over skittering hi-hats and atmospheric vocal-sampling melodies, Chow Lee reflects on his sins and wins as he gives thanks for the short-term lovers who made a long-term difference. Though he appears in solitude throughout the video, he doesn’t feel that way, as he keeps the memories of a wild past in close company.

“team effort!” arrives as Chow’s first new song since his recent album, Hours After The Club. Released earlier this summer, Hours After The Club is an addictive listen, radiating with the seductive charm that inspired Pitchfork to affectionately call Chow Lee the "horniest rapper out." Hours After The Club is chock full of infectious melodies, as Chow's natural bravado makes every X-rated flex feel natural. The tape is home to two new collaborations with his frequent running mate Cash Cobain: the quintessential "sexy drill" anthem "on behalf of the association," and "full service," a luxurious mix of drill, club, and cloud rap, featuring Chow's close friend Lonny Love.

Hours After The Club is a worthy follow-up to 2 SLIZZY 2 SEXY, his 2022 collaborative project with Cash Cobain. Praised by Pitchfork and Rolling Stone, and earning "Best of 2022" distinction from UPROXX, The FADER, and more, 2 SLIZZY 2 SEXY combined the sample-heavy sound of the Bronx with the hard-hitting dance beats from New Jersey to change the face of the NYC drill scene. The album, and its even bigger and nastier Deluxe edition, was a sterling document of what Chow and Cash call "sexy drill," a lighter take on the sub-genre's sound that relocates the subject matter from the block to the bedroom. 2 SLIZZY 2 SEXY highlight "Vacant" was recently named the 73rd Best East Coast Rap Song of All Time by Rolling Stone. Chow recently reconnected with Cash on the sexy drill anthem "Rump," plus the Nelly-sampling "Not No Xanax 2" from Cash's new album, and joined Wolfacejoeyy and Cash on the Pitchfork-approved "Weekend."

Now striking out on his own, Chow Lee is on a mission to become the next King of New York. The "sexy drill" pioneer took his show overseas this summer, with performances at Rolling Loud Portugal, Rolling Loud Rotterdam, and Rolling Loud Germany, before he shut it down at Rolling Loud Miami during his own set and a guest appearance with Coi Leray. The NYC scenester has popped up at several events around the city, and made an appearance on "Sexy Besties," the first-ever single released by On The Radar Records.

Stay tuned for more for Chow Lee, coming soon.

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