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What's up Leafers? Welcome to the latest edition of On the Rise where we interview upcoming hip hop talent. Today's guest is rapper, Boogie Woods. Boogie hails from Trotwood Ohio and his Melodic Trap sound paints a vivid picture of his eccentric life. The Ohio rapper has been on our radar for a while so we had to tap in with him! Check out the interview below.

Westleaf Staff: What's up, Boogie? Your style is dope. When did you start making music?

Boogie Woods: I started writing music at the age of 11 but didn't record my first song until I was 13.

Westleaf Staff: That's dope! What city do you represent?

Boogie Woods: I represent Trotwood, Ohio.

Westleaf Staff: Shout out to Trotwood. So how did you create your stage name?

Boogie Woods: My stage name is broken into 2 parts. The first part is my childhood nickname, "Boogie", and the second part is the place I was raised in, Trotwood, Ohio, or "the Wood" for short. I was initially going to go by "Boogie from the Wood" but thought it was too long and shortened it to "Boogie Woods".

Westleaf Staff: I love that. I think it's dope that your name pays homage to your town. So how did your early life shape your interest in music?

Boogie Woods: Early life shaped my interest in music because I was raised in a very musical family and everyone in my family had slightly different tastes in music. Because of this I was exposed to a wide range of different music genres from birth.

Westleaf Staff: Dope. So who is your biggest Musical influence?

Boogie Woods: I have a ton of musical influences, but the one with the biggest influence on me is Travis Scott.

Westleaf Staff: Dope! Travis is a legend! What's been the defining moment in your music career thus far?

Boogie Woods: The defining moment in Mycareer is when I was diagnosed with a brain tumor that caused me to lose my vision in both eyes. After having brain surgery I was blessed and fortunate to have regained all of my sight. During the time that this was going on I stayed consistent with recording music and I think I'm a better artist now because of it. I learned in those moments how to be vulnerable with my fans and how to tap into my raw emotions in both my lyrics and the way I said them.

Westleaf Staff: So cool! Salute for getting through that. So what makes you a unique artist?

Boogie Woods: What makes me unique is that I'm not afraid to talk about my faith in songs, I keep the music entertaining, my music is family oriented, I put raw emotion in my lyrics and performances, and most of all I don't cuss in my music.

Westleaf Staff: Dope! Gotta do you. Much respect. So what does art mean to you?

Boogie Woods: Art to me means the embodiment of emotions, essence, and soul. Art makes things that can be easily seen or described; tangible things that you can touch, see, and hear.

Westleaf Staff: That's deep! Where do you see your music career going over the next few years?

Boogie Woods: In the next 5 years I see my career taking me on national tours, large music festivals, and most importantly I see my music in 5 years giving me the means to live off of it comfortably.

Westleaf Staff: I wish you much success! Before we go, describe music in three words.

Boogie Woods: Spiritual, essential, transcendent.

Follow Boogie Woods:

Instagram: @boogiefromthewood

Twitter: @BoogieWoods_

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TikTok: @boogiefromthewood

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