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Big Boi Reveals New Outkast Documentary

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

Westleaf Staff

It sounds like Big Boi is sitting on several hidden treasures. Just last month, the Outkast luminary revealed he’d finally made a song with his favorite artist, English chanteuse Kate Bush, although he hasn’t decided when he’ll release it. Now, Daddy Fat Sax has confessed he has another gem collecting dust.

During an interview with Apple Music, Big Boi said he owns so much vintage Outkast footage, it needs to be made into a series.

“I just so happened to be in possession of the last Outkast tours from 1998 to 2000, whatever, hours and hours and hours, we had to watch, digitized the footage for a month and a half,” he explained. “We had to sit through there and watch it. I got the greatest Outkast documentary. Never sold, locked in vault. It’s locked in the vault.

“Me and Dre [André 3000], I told Dre I got it. Because Dre didn’t even know. I mean he knew I captured it because I had the cameraman on the road with us, but I just told him how dope it was.”

Outkast as a duo hasn’t released a studio album since 2006’s Idlewild, but Big Boi clearly appreciates the time they spent together and the iconic discography they’ve created. Even so, the footage might not be out for awhile — if ever.

“We going to hold it for a minute, but it’s out of here, man,” he continues. “It’s out of here … it was to the point where I had, my cameraman was on my tour bus. I got him a room every night or he slept on my sofa. He filmed the whole adventure for over 10 years… it’s times where we’re just free styling in the hotel, he’s playing the piano. My wife had just had my youngest son, I’m walking through the lobby.

“We just go outside with a big thing of Huggies… Yeah, it’s some real special stuff, man. I got an edit, but it’s so much, it has to be like a series almost. You know what I mean? Yeah, man, live performances of songs that only might have done once or twice. And I didn’t even remember that.”

Save for a brief reunion tour in 2014, Outkast hasn’t been active in years. These days, André 3000 is often spotted in random cities playing a flute seemingly without a care in the world.

Meanwhile, Big Boi has continued making albums apart from his longtime partner-in-rhyme. His latest project, The Big Sleepover, is a collaborative effort with his Dungeon Family brethren Sleepy Brown. The inaugural single, “The Big Sleep Is Over,” arrived in August, while the full album dropped on Friday (December 10).


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