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BfB Da Packman Shares His Debut Album

The Leaf:

Weaving deep personal revelations and bits of universal wisdom between outrageous punchlines, BfB Da Packman is one of the most uniquely talented artists in the game today. Welcoming listeners into his world, the rapper shares Fat N****s Need Love Too, his debut album. Arriving in the wake of acclaimed singles like "Free Joe Exotic" (36 million YouTube views) and "Honey Pack," the new album continues Packman's incredible rise from Houston-area mailman to one of the internet's most beloved rappers, showcasing the 25-year-old artist's peerless punchline ability and introducing heretofore unseen skills. Throughout the project's 18 tracks, BfB uses his sense of humor and self-deprecation as a Trojan horse, lowering listeners' defenses before devastating with a well-placed detail about his personal life: “My daddy mad I said he smoke crack in one of my songs/ Man, I don’t give a fuck, you let another n***a raise your son,” he raps on project highlight "Northside Ghetto Soulja."

With production from Tay Keith, ENRGY, and more, the project has an expansive production palette, mixing in regional sounds like Michigan's signature piano arpeggios and New York's gritty drums. The new project showcases BfB's crackling chemistry with a cadre of collaborators–he reunites with his "Free Joe Exotic" compadre Sada Baby on the boisterous "Big Bertha," goes bar-for-bar with Benny The Butcher on "Frenchmen," and proves that he remains the king of rap vulgarity on "Ocean Prime," featuring newly-minted XXL FreshmanCoi Leray. With additional guest appearances from Wiz Khalifa, Lil Yachty, DDG, Payroll Giovanni, Zack Fox, and more, Fat N****s Need Love Too is available everywhere via Lunch Crew Company.

Along with the new album, Packman shares the video for "Weekend At Solomon's," an album highlight. A blistering banger that only BfB Da Packman could've made, "Weekend At Solomon's" packs in more punchlines in its 2:17 runtime than many rappers can fit in entire projects. The song touches on taboo topic after taboo topic as Packman "talks super loose," gleefully obliterating boundaries in search of the perfect joke: "I'm just cheatin', I don't know about polygamy." His unique lyrical perspective breathes new life into routine rap topics: "I chop crack with my pinky toe, don't need no f*ckin' razor." In the video, Packman takes on a trip to L.A. to crash at his manager's house, where he records his latest banger and eats donuts out of the hand of a gorgeous model.

Born and raised on the North Side of Flint, MI, Packman's rough upbringing honed his determination to escape his circumstances and fuels his desire to succeed in the rap game. After moving from Flint to Houston, Packman kept himself afloat with a day job as a mailman, delivering packages by day and recording in a makeshift studio in his closet by night. He earned a devoted cult following with his twin mixtapes God Bless All The Fat N****s and Std in 2019, boasting outrageous singles like "Snack Time" and "Aubrey I Need You On This Song." In 2020, however, Packman won a broader audience with "Free Joe Exotic," racking up over 50 million streams across platforms and earning a spot on Pitchfork's 100 Best Songs of 2020. "Free Joe Exotic" and the successful follow-up "Honey Pack" earned the rapper press attention from the likes of Pitchforkand SPIN, and drew the attention of big name collaborators like Wiz Khalifa and Lil Yachty. Packman keeps active on social media, posting vlogs about his day-to-day as the world's only postman-turned-rapper and shooting his shot with celebs like Lizzo.

With Fat N****s Need Love Too, Packman properly introduces himself–he's not merely an eccentric or colorful figure, but one of the best bar-for-bar emcees in the game today..

Buy/Stream Fat N****s Need Love Too:

Watch "Weekend At Solomon's":

Watch Packman's latest donut tasting video:

Fat N****s Need Love Too tracklist:

  1. Skit 1

  2. Wendy Williams

  3. Northside Ghetto Soulja

  4. Free Joe Exotic ft. Sada Baby

  5. Opp In The Sky ft. Noodah05

  6. Weekend At Solomon's

  7. Skit 2

  8. Federal

  9. Honey Pack

  10. Fun Time ft. Wiz Khalifa

  11. Ocean Prime ft. Coi Leray

  12. Frenchmen ft. Benny The Butcher

  13. Skit 3

  14. Aqua ft. Payroll Giovanni

  15. Big Bertha ft. Sada Baby

  16. Bob And Weave ft. Zack Fox

  17. Enilak

  18. Honey Pack (Remix) ft. Lil Yachty & DDG

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