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What's up Leafers? Welcome to the latest edition of On the Rise where we interview upcoming hip hop talent. Today's guest is hip hop producer, Ihateyoujonny. Jonny is straight out of Atlanta, Georgia. His style is tropical and upbeat but he can also go punk and grunge. We can see him producing for major artists or for television and film. Jonny's been making music since 2003, and his experience shows in the versatility and smoothness of his sound. But enough from us, we caught up with the Jonny to discuss his life and musical origins. Check out the interview below.

Westleaf Staff: What's up, Jonny! You've been making waves in Atl! When did you start making music?

Ihateyoujonny: I started making music in 2003. My first instrument was drums and I played in mostly metal bands. I started producing beats around 2012 to 2013.

Westleaf Staff: Nice. What city do you represent?

Ihateyoujonny: Atlanta, GA.

Westleaf Staff: Dope! That's our home base! So how did you create your stage name?

Ihateyoujonny: So my producer name actually came about quite randomly. My name is Jonathan but my childhood friends called me Jonny. I went on a search for a producer tag and came across a movie called Gilda were there is a scene that the main character says "I hate you Jonny" so I cut that up and started using it as a beat tag. Then when I went through a rebranding phase I wanted to get rid of my alias which was JTuck and Ihateyoujonny was already manifested because of the tag so I just took that on as my name.

Westleaf Staff: Nice. I love that your name came naturally. Earlier you said you started making music in 2003. How did your early life shape your interest in music?

Ihateyoujonny: My mom listened to a lot of different genres of music. Also, when music became easier to get ahold of due to the internet becoming more popular my cousin and I would download a ton of different music. We would make mixtapes and let each other borrow the tapes that we made. That's how my music tastes broadened.

Westleaf Staff: That's cool. Seems like you were super inquisitive about it. Salute to you! So who is your biggest Musical influence?

Ihateyoujonny: When it comes to Hip-Hop and beatmaking I am definitely inspired by Dilla, Madlib, Stoupe, Fly Lo, Shlomo, Tokimosta and many more.

Westleaf Staff: Nice. Those are some legends! Next question! What's been the defining moment in your music career thus far?

Ihateyoujonny: To me my defining moment was when I felt skilled enough as a beatmaker to consistently make bangers. That was a pivotal moment for me for sure. Another defining moment happened when I used to be in a rap group and we sold out shows. We accomplished a lot in a short amount of time and from that point on I knew it was attainable for me.

Westleaf Staff: Dope. I'm happy for your success! Keep going up!

So what makes you a unique producer?

Ihateyoujonny: I think what makes me unique as a Hip Hop producer is the fact that my musical origin doesn't actually start in the genre but starts with Punk and Metal so I have a different outlook on the end goal of how I want my production to sound. I think that makes my production have a signature sound.

Westleaf Staff: Punk and hip hop is a crazy blend. Your sound is definitely unique! The individuality is dope. So what does art mean to you?

Ihateyoujonny: Art is a way to communicate that is far beyond words and even body language. It comes from inside and is a way to make people understand how you see/think about the world.

Westleaf Staff: That's so true. I love that definition! Where do you see your music career going over the next few years?

Ihateyoujonny: I am hoping to be able to collaborate with big artists as well as smaller artists. But I really want to get into making music for TV shows and commercials.

Westleaf Staff: Big moves for sure. I see the vision! Before we go, describe music in three words.

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