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Netflix Releases Season 4 Trailer of Anime Series Castlevania

Netflix has officially dropped the trailer for the fourth and final season of Castlevania.

The adult anime series, created by Warren Ellis, focuses on monster hunter, Trevor Belmont voiced by Richard Armitage, who makes it his life’s mission to save the besieged region of Wallachia. Wallachia is currently under attack from an army of supernatural creatures, all of which are controlled by Count Dracula. In Castlevania‘s final season, fans see the nation of Wallachia collapse due to chaos as factions appear to clash.

This season will feature just 10 episodes. Last March 2020, the third season also premiered with only 10 episodes. The video game-inspired anime is directed by Sam Deats, with Ellis as both executive producer and writer.

Recently, Netflix also announced it was planning on creating a new series set in the same universe with new cast members. Season four of Castlevania will be available for streaming on Netflix on May 13.

Source: Hypebeast


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