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Updated: Aug 26, 2022

The Westleaf

Westleaf Staff

What's up Leafers? Welcome to the latest edition of On the Rise where we interview upcoming hip hop talent. Today's guest is hip hop artist, Treviar. Treviar is a dope artist straight out of Raleigh, North Carolina. Treviar's style is melodic and aspirational. There's almost a futuristic element to his music that's different than anything we've heard. In addition to dope sonic his style, Treviar also has the look of a star. He can be seen on his Instagram page sporting blacked out shades and a chill look which gives him an effortless vibe. Treviar's latest video "Pop My Shit" features crazy visuals and gritty melodies by the MC. When meeting Treviar it's clear to see he's an artist who's here to stay. But enough from us, we recently linked up with Treviar to discuss his new video drop for his song MVP. Check out the interview below.

Westleaf Staff: What's up Treviar! It's good to have you back. What's been going on since the last interview?


Treviar: Whats hannenin! It's an honor to be back! Honestly, a lot has been going on since the last interview. My life has literally been moving at a high speed it seems. Most of what's been happening has been personal but it'll ultimately make an impact on my professional future and career. All in all, I can say I've just been in motion and it feels great. I'm working hard for that MVP!

Westleaf Staff: Speaking of working for that MVP, we saw you just dropped a video for your song "MVP". How was the process of shooting that?

Treviar: The process was absolutely amazing. It was seamless and organic. That's what I loved most about the whole process. It wasn't a moment where I felt as if I was doing something that was inorganic to who I am. Shoutout to the videographer, Tucker. He was patient with me and made sure what he shot and edited is what I wanted. You can't ask for better vibes than that to be honest! The energy we both put into it reflects. I also got to be the creative director for the video and that was fun as well. I love being able to generate ideas on shots and angles in real time as I'm on set. Nothing I wanted to do was off limits and I love that for me!

Westleaf Staff: How have people been responding to the video?

Treviar: People have been LOVING it. Like I said in the previous answer, this video is organic to who I am so it reflects. That's one of the main compliments that I get on the video. People love the authenticity. Right now the video is sitting at a couple of thousand views. I'm excited to see how many views it'll get over time.

Westleaf Staff: That's awesome! You spoke about being able to act as the creative director for the video as well. How was that experience? and was that your first time doing that?

Treviar: Being able to be the creative director was dope! This isn't the first time I've been able to do that so it was like second nature. Ironically, I've been the creative director for all my videos. As the creative director, I can put action to what I see in my head while I generate the actual song. That's the best part about it to me. The only thing that will make the experience as a creative director better is a bigger budget (lol). I always think big and scale back so when the day comes that I don't have to worry about a budget, my videos are going to be INSANE.

Westleaf Staff: What was one of your favorite moments while filming the video?

Treviar: Honestly, all of it. I don't really shoot videos too often because of my schedule so when I do, I let loose. That's therapeutic to me. I feel like I get to capture the true essence of my artistry and who I am. That's a blessing.

Westleaf Staff: Do you have any plans for any other videos in the near future?

Treviar: I'm actually working on the videos for the songs that are going on my album. I'm super excited because I'm ahead of the power curve with videos for once (lol)! It's going to be some dope content. I can't wait to put them out.

Westleaf Staff: What can we expect from you as a whole in the near future?

Treviar: A LOT! I've been in my space perfecting my craft while connecting my dots. I'm super geeked up about where I'm headed. Opportunity has finally met preparation in my life and that's a beautiful thing. I'm just riding the wave I started. The sky ain't the limit anymore, I'm past that.

Westleaf Staff: Is there anything you want to say to your fans?

Treviar: Three words: I LOVE Y'ALL. Straight up. Anybody that has ever listened to my music is an automatic GOAT. Straight up. It was really all a dream to do music on this scale and level and my fans make that experience and journey worthwhile.


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