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Top Ten Cannabis Delivery Companies in Los Angeles

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

Are you interested in getting some high-quality cannabis products delivered to your door?

If you live in Los Angeles, you won't have to look for it.

Los Angeles is the home for some of the best weed dispensaries, and there are many delivery services as well. Luckily, almost all cannabis delivery companies have software delivery platforms. Whether you need cannabis flowers, pre-rolls, gummies, brownies, chocolates, or any other cannabis product, dispensary delivery companies and platforms are here to deliver them right to your doorstep.

Let's dive in!

The Best Weed Delivery in Los Angeles


One of the leading cannabis delivery companies that excels in quality and convenience is Eaze.Com. They aim to optimize your cannabis experience. Whether you are a recreational user or medical cannabis patient, can satisfy your needs.

Westside Organic Delivery:

Westside Organic offers a high-end weed delivery service that caters to the people on the Westside of Los Angeles. It has a partnership with local growers in the area such as Sunnyside, The Goods, Ash Mart, Canna Entice to name a few.

Green Door West:

Delivering across southern California, Green Door West is another marijuana delivery service in the Los Angeles area. You can get 100% organic vegan products to promote extra healthy living. Moreover, you can order via the e-commerce platform and pay online via credit card.

Nuggs Nugg Hub:

This service is one of the unique delivery services in Los Angeles that produce subscription boxes. Nugg Hub is the only delivery company that offers this type of service and has additional offices to service patient and recreational users in California. Each subscription box will provide you Kush items valued at $225 - $99.


Grassdoor is known for its speedy delivery throughout Los Angeles within 45 minutes following the confirmation of your order. If your order totals more than $75, they will deliver it for free. Grassdoor is a solid alternative for weed users on a budget.


For those marijuana users that cannot be left waiting for too long on their cannabis order, KushFly has your back. They deliver products from licensed retailers within 30 minutes of placing an order. KushFly is an ideal choice for weed fanatics who cannot wait to experience the wonder of Kush.


Bud is a popular weed delivery service in Los Angeles and other regions in California. It is one of the most recognizable brands that offers quick and consistent weed delivery services. Moreover, Bud provides a slew of special offer codes for their consumers to save money on their purchases.


Similar to KushFly, CaNex is another company that focuses on speedy delivery of all marijuana products. You can check the customer reviews that purchase through their eCommerce platforms.


A real crowd-favorite among all delivery services in Los Angeles is Ganjarunner. For starters, Ganjarunner offers free delivery with no minimum purchase and even better than that offer, they do not charge any sales tax on Tuesday.


It is a dispensary in Los Angeles that has established itself as a top-tier provider for cannabis in the region. You can get free delivery for orders of $45 or more. It is ideal for those cannabis consumers who want to try new brands such as Plus & Sunday Goods.


If you are ever on the hunt for weed in Los Angeles, you are in luck. You can source some of the best weed in the region in Los Angeles. Feel free to check out the software companies that are listed above for your stash of Kush.

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