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Top 5 Cannabis Start-ups of 2021

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

From cannabis-infused oils to capsules, the legitimation of cannabis in various parts of the world is opening up an entirely new industry. Numerous companies are capitalizing on this potentially lucrative opportunity.

Growing cannabis has become more and more popular over recent years as it involves several advantages. Cannabis investors had been waiting for a surge in cannabis stock, and they finally got one this year. The cannabis startups are developing the infrastructure of building the cannabis industry.

Companies building infrastructure for the fledgling industry have found success supporting cannabis businesses with their sales, retail, and cultivation, e-commerce, and delivery operations.

Let us look at the top cannabis startups of 2021.

Cannabis Startups 2021

Here are some new cannabis startups that deserve your time and investment.


A California-based research firm that creates terpene profiles. Terpenes are a primary component of Cannabis Sativa – used in food and beverage additives.

ABSTRAX is the leader in the research and development of botanically derived cannabis terpenes that gives sensorial experience. The company operates seven licensed research and manufacturing labs to develop award-winning products. The cutting-edge research, development, and formulations have the potential to revolutionize various consumer packaged goods products.

Ascend Wellness:

One of the largest multi-state operators in the cannabis industry is Ascend Wellness. It is a private cannabis cultivation and dispensary chain in NewYork. The company operates in Illinois, Michigan, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Ohio.

Ascend Wellness breaks the traditional barriers in the cannabis marketplace by operating state-of-the-art cultivation facilities, growing award-winning strains, and producing premium products. To make cannabis accessible to everyone AWH provides trusted products and exclusive brand partnership.

Bespoke Financial:

A fintech platform based in Los Angeles provides debt financing to cannabis and hemp companies. It is solving one of the biggest challenges of the cannabis industry by providing working capital.

Bespoke Financial is a licensed lender of the marijuana industry. Bespoke supports clients as they scale and grow with unique financing solutions and cannabis business loans. The total raised to date by the company is over $25 million.


A highly social cannabis industry that provides a delicious product with approachable doses of THC & CBD is Cann. Cann is a low-dose, THC-Infused beverage brand in California. It is the 1st beverage brand that raised 5 million dollars last year in the cannabis drink segment.

The company's wide variety of flavors and quality ingredients make it an excellent investment. Moreover, its branding style makes it appealing to consumers. The repeat purchasing and various flavors add to the reasons that make this startup a perfect investment.


It is an E-commerce based cannabis startup that connects cannabis consumers to dispensaries. It offers an online ordering tool for dispensaries. Now cannabis consumers can order cannabis products with ease.

Dutchie – a B2 eCommerce, is the gateway in the marijuana space to access the industry. The leading platform of dutchie is connecting brands, dispensaries, and consumers online.

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