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From the heart of the DMV (Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia) music scene, where the beats echo the city's pulse and the lyrics reflect the stories of its people, emerges an electrifying force making waves in the male-dominated realm of hip hop. Meet Realandexplicit, the fierce and fearless female rapper captivating audiences with her raw talent, thought-provoking lyrics, and unapologetic persona. With a unique blend of lyrical prowess, magnetic stage presence, and an unwavering commitment to authenticity, Realandexplicit is challenging the status quo and rewriting the rules of the game. As her star continues to rise, she proves that she's not just a force to be reckoned with in the Atlanta hip hop scene but an artist poised to leave an indelible mark on the genre as a whole. Here's what she has to say.

Westleaf Staff: Can you share a bit about your journey as a female hip hop artist? What inspired you to pursue a career in this genre?

Realandexplicit: Man, when I say i was Destined, blessed, and ordained for this journey I mean it. We all have a purpose that God needs to use us for and I really feel like music is one of my many ways to be that blessing for others. I’ve always loved music since I was 3, been singing in the choir all my life, picked up rapping in high school from doing poetry, and the rest is history. In 2017 I started taking music seriously and now step by step I feel Like I’m getting closer and closer.

Westleaf Staff: How do you navigate the male-dominated hip hop industry, and what unique perspectives do you bring as a female artist?

Reaandexplicit I am the unique perspective. Not being big headed, I have a look and sound that’s all around different and no dude can ever sound like me. Plus my music isn’t about one thing like sex or anything like that it’s real and authentic bars and rhymes from a real place. That’s what’s missing in this industry anyways, BEING REAL AND YOU!

Westleaf Staff: Can you tell us about a specific challenge you faced as a female hip hop artist and how you overcame it? Realandexplicit: Honestly being confident in myself an a woman and as an artist. I know I will Never fit in but that's what made it harder for me to be even more confident because I’m so different it’s harder for me to see if my look and sound will be accepted but it has been so I just have to continue to lead with that

Westleaf Staff: What messages or themes do you aim to convey through your music? How do you use your platform to address social issues?

Realandexplicit: God and being you, speak the truth about your story and whatever message he’s giving you to give to the world. Have fun in your own skin and be a scallywag! Which means to be all He wants you to be don’t worry about the world and who talks about you Keep God first and the rest will be legendary Westleaf Staff : Who are some of your musical influences, both within the hip hop genre and outside of it?


Rico Nasty

Cardi B

Missy Elliot


Lil Wayne


Westleaf Staff: How do you balance maintaining your authenticity as an artist while also appealing to a wider audience?

Realandexplicit: Just staying true to my brand and what I’m building because SOMEBODY is going to take it and invest in it. One day they’ll see the vision so as long as i stay committed and consistent it’ll catch on Westleaf Staff: In your opinion, how has the portrayal and representation of women in hip hop evolved over the years? What positive changes have you witnessed, and what challenges still remain?

Realandexplicit: Omg what!!! The representation has been POWER!!! We are running it like for real. i love that more and more women are working together to build each other up by hopping on upcoming female artists to help give them a boost in the industry. But that catty and petty behavior I see Is still an issue which causes beef. And the the industry still seeing us as sex symbols. Yes we are beautiful and bad AF but we are NOT SEX! That’s got to change but we got to also start that change, too. Westleaf Staff: How do you approach the writing and production process for your music? Can you describe your creative process and how it contributes to your unique sound?

Realndexplicit: It’s all about the vibe tbh. Whatever i feel from the beat is what comes first. Whether it’s the melody, verse, whatever it’s all about the vibe i catch from a beat.

Westleaf Staff: What are your thoughts on the role of collaboration in the hip hop industry? Have you worked with other artists, and how have those experiences influenced your growth as an artist?

Realandexplicit: I’m very picky with features tbh, we got to match energy sound and lyric wise so I don't have too many just yet but I will soon it’s just got to be right for me. Westleaf Staff: Can you share a significant moment or achievement in your career that you are particularly proud of, and how it has impacted you as an artist?

Reallandexplicit: Oh man it’s actually a lot and it’s sad because I need to really give myself more credit but:

1. I’m on a project hosted by Rel Carter which is Jay Z's nephew but he was also an A&R director for Rocnation.

2. Won my first ever showcase with a trophy.

3. Jim Jones gave me a shoutout for one of my songs from a virtual showcase.

4. Been invited to rooms I’ve never imagined being in.

5. Meeting people like Miss Pooh, Just Brittany, Headcrack, Honorable C Note, Gary With The Tea, Drumma Boy, Devin White, Rel Carter, AsiaNae, China Monae, Omg it’s too many lol, 2 Chainz, the love and hip hop cast, and Gloss Up! Idk it’s still a lot i prolly ain’t name lol but I’m supper proud of myself for NEVER giving up and there’s way more to come i know It!

Westleaf Staff: Fasho! We wish you much success. Thank you for chatting with us.

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