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Nick Cannon Gives His Thoughts on His Blended Family

The Westleaf Staff

The controversial comedian took advantage of the chance to speak his truth on The Breakfast Club Monday morning. Nick touched on everything from his dynamics with his baby mamas to his advice for DaBabyafter the NC rapper's latest fumble at Rolling Loud.

Nick addressed the elephant in the room first — the three kids he had within six months, with two different women. Charlamagne and DJ Envy poked at the Wild N’ Out Host, asking, "well how many kids do you want Nick?" to which he responded, "the idea of being the best father, if I can continue to do it why not. I don’t have a problem with producing new life."

He explained, "Women are blessing us. Those women, and all women, are the ones that open themselves up to say, 'I would like allow this man in my world, and I will birth this child.' It ain't my decision, I will follow suit."

The actor certainly kept it 100, elaborating further on his relationship and history with Mariah Carey, and what he learned from the singer.

He added after, "There’s some women in my life that also move how I move, and I salute it. But those the ones I use condoms with...the side n**** is the best position."

When speaking about the constant jokes that began to surround his latest antics, Nick mentioned the media narrative’s connection to his hit show, Wild N’ Out.

He exclaimed, "I can’t wait for it, I got the toughest skin in the game... I actually appreciate every joke. That’s why I created Wild N’ Out. I been getting rich over yall talking shit about me for decades at this point."

No stranger to scandal, Cannon embraced it by stating, "I know Imma get canceled again. Cause I talk my real shit."

Cannon even spoke to how he stays above it all, noting, "I’ve sat back and watched this social expression of my own personal life and I’m like “oh you projecting.” You not talking about me you talking about your own situation… you can see people’s pain through social media."


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