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What's up Leafers? Welcome to the latest edition of Westleaf Culture where we interview upcoming pop culture figures. Today's guest is Mime artist Daevion Markell. Daevion was born in Southern Virginia on September 28, 2001. Early in life, his mother quickly saw his accelerated growth and love for the arts. At the age of four (4), this aspiration led him to mime ministry at his home church, City of Refuge Kingdom Church. While in first grade, he was requested to mime at the annual Christmas concert at his Elementary School. Daevion also attended the [ODC] Old Donation Gifted School Dance Program (Now Known as Brickell Academy for Advanced Academics and Arts). Subsequently, he was invited back following his 5th grade graduation. Daevion was also awarded for his mime presentation at the National Association for the Study and Performance of African American Music (NASPAAM). He continues to mime for charities, non-profit organizations, conferences, workshops, services and more. He has also appeared alongside the illustrious motivational speaker, Elijah Coles Brown, in the theatrical production of “Freedom Day”, written and directed by Crystal Nolan; based on the Fredrick Douglas speech, “The Present and Future of the Colored People of America”. Daevion's been making moves on the mime scene so we had to tap in. Check out the interview below.

Westleaf Staff: When did you start your miming journey?

Daevion: The passion for mime has been with me for as long as I can remember. I started miming in the first grade around 6 years old, which gives me a 14 year relationship with the craft.

Westleaf Staff: That's dope. What city do you represent?

Daevion: I was born and raised in Virginia Beach, Va. #757 #2up2down

Westleaf Staff: Shoutout to VA. How did your early life shape your interest in mime?

Daevion: Coming from a heavy religious background, “gospel” mime has always been a controversial topic and expression in the black church. In my early life, I gravitated strongly toward the performing arts despite the consistent pushback. During this time my mother also began to take notice of the potential skills and performance ability. This led to my acceptance into my first Gifted Dance Program at Old Donation Gifted School, now known as Brickell Academy.

Westleaf Staff: Wow that's super dope. How did you create your stage name?

Daevion: I came up with the stage name “Interpretations” because despite a mime artist’s initial intention for a performance or a choreographic move, the audience will still develop their own interpretation of what the mime artist is attempting to convey. The beauty of mime is that the audience doesn't intend to comprehend through the words of the mime but the motions of their performance.

Westleaf Staff: Love the thought you put into it! Who is your biggest mime influence?

Daevion: My biggest mime influence would have to be “H.A.: Highly Anointed Mime Ministry”. This was the mime team at my home church that originally consisted of 5 members. All of the members had different and unique miming styles, which made the experience so much more impactful. Not only was it the first time I ever experienced the craft performed but along with their training and practice, it was the first time I was able to perform myself.

Westleaf Staff: Aye! Congrats to you. What has been the defining moment in your comedy career?

Daevion: One of my greatest achievements in my mime ministry was opening for John P. Kee in my hometown. John P Kee has been active for more than 20 years in the gospel industry. He is primarily known for mixing traditional gospel with modern contemporary gospel. Kee is also known as "The Prince of Gospel Music”.

Westleaf Staff: What makes you a unique mime artist?

Daevion: What makes me a unique artist is the connection I am able to spark in others. I have been successful in building inspiration, connections, and opportunities with people from diverse backgrounds and different life stories than mine. Many artists and performers today do not focus or think about the ones who are inspired by them. I hope my career in mime is not only a inspiration to my audience and supporters, but I hope it is a blueprint and a catalyst for the next mime artist, actor, writer, or etc.

Westleaf Staff: What does art mean to you?

Daevion: Art is a form of communication. Artists use their chosen platform to communicate their concepts to their audience. This communication can take many different forms; sculptures, paintings, dance routines, scripted content, music and more. Here is my personal criteria for Art:

  • Creative & Original

  • Purposeful/Meaningful/Inspirational

  • Unmodified

Westleaf Staff: Describe miming in three words.

Daevion: Attitude. Expression. & Vulnerability.

Westleaf Staff: Where do you see your mime career going over the next few years:

Daevion: I want to officially announce my debut feature “Live in the DMV: Recorded at The Heart of God International Church” will be released this year. I am really excited for this project…. I have been developing the concept for a few years with the hopes of bringing a fresh and contemporary experience for lovers of mime. I also hope that this new project attracts a younger generation who are interested in having a better faithwalk and relationship with God.

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