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Lil Durk & Only The Family Share Lil Durk Presents: Loyal Bros 2, a New OTF Compilation Mixtape

Westleaf Staff

Lil Durk has achieved remarkable success in his career, but as high as he's risen, he'd never have gotten far without his loyal bros. Showcasing the talents of his brethren from his Only The Family label, Lil Durk presents Loyal Bros 2, a new compilation tape.

Highlighted by several brand new tracks by Lil Durk, including the recent single "Hanging With Wolves, Loyal Bros 2 touts the benefits of keeping a tight circle of devoted vultures who were around before the fame and fortune. Curated by the Chicago-bred superstar, the new tape showcases the raw lyricism and melodic instincts of the label's roster of talent, which now boasts luminaries like Doodie Lo, Booka600, Chief Wuk, C3, Deeski, BoonieMoe, OTF Jam, and more. On "We Did It," one of the tape's highlight tracks, BoonieMoe welcomes a verse from the late great King Von.

Inviting an expanded family of kindred spirits to bless the mixtape, the Chicago-based rap crew rolls out the red carpet for stars like Kodak Black, who stunts with Doodie Lo on the recent single "ISTG Pt. 2,"Future, and Trippie Redd, fellow Chicago standouts like PGF Nuk and Lil Zay Osama, street rap stalwarts like Icewear Vezzo and BIG30, plus many others. Further solidifying OTF's sterling reputation for unapologetic lyricism and infectious melody, Loyal Bros 2 is available everywhere via Only The Family/EMPIRE.

Along with the mixtape, Durk teams up with Deeski to share "Block Is Hot," a video for a project standout. Rhyming atop an insistent bassline and hyperactive piano arpeggios, Durk kicks off the proceedings with a blistering no-auto verse, cementing OTF's untouchable reputation in the streets and comparing his crew to the classic Cash Money roster: "Block war, I got DeDe greet me, he a block boy/Hot Boyz, got so many guns we feel like Glock Boys." Deeski, aka DeDe or "Ski," as Durk helpfully points out in the song's intro, delivers a no-holds-barred verse of his own, his voice inflecting upwards with each tough-talking taunt: "If he talkin' then he lose his face/All my n****s they be fightin' case." In the video, Deeski and Durk kick back on the South Side of Chicago, where he counts cash and mobs with his fellow vultures, including Doodie Lo and Chief Wuk.

The fifth compilation mixtape by Only The Family, Loyal Bros 2 follows up 2021's Loyal Bros and 2019's Family Over Everything. Stay tuned for much more from OTF in 2023.

Watch "Block Is Hot" by Deeski ft. Lil Durk:

Watch "Hanging With Wolves" ft. Lil Durk:

Watch "ISTG Pt. 2" ft. Doodie Lo & Kodak Black:

Loyal Bros 2 tracklist:

  1. Set It Off by Lil Durk

  2. Mad Max by Lil Durk ft. Future

  3. Hanging With Wolves by Lil Durk

  4. ISTG Pt. 2 by Doodie Lo ft. Kodak Black

  5. For Real ft. BoonieMoe

  6. NLMG by Lil Law & Keno ft. Doodie Lo

  7. Feed Em Addys by Booka600 ft. Lil Durk

  8. We Did It by BoonieMoe ft. King Von

  9. Seen It All by Deeski ft. Lil Zay Osama

  10. Ain't Hiding by Chief Wuk

  11. Savage Sh*t by Doodie Lo ft. PGF Nuk

  12. Mad Cuz I'm Rich by THF Zoo ft. BIG 30

  13. Block Is Hot by Deeski ft. Lil Durk

  14. Thug Life by Chief Wuk ft. Doodie Lo & Icewear Vezzo

  15. Federal Freestyle by OTF Jam

  16. Out The Way by OTF Chugg ft. Lil Durk

  17. Forever by Noza Jordan

  18. Please Breathe by Esparo ft. Lil Durk & Booka600

  19. Never Saw Em by C3

  20. Threats to Everybody by Lil Durk

  21. Who You Are by Doodie Lo ft. Trippie Redd

  22. Silly Rabbit by Hypno Carlito

  23. Menace by Booka600


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