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Don’t be fooled by his youthful visage, 4PF signee Lil Kee delivers moaning melodies with the seasoned intonation of a master of the Delta blues. Driven by a mission to immortalize lost loved ones through his creative expression, Lil Kee shares his new project, Letter 2 My Brother, available everywhere now via FourPocketsFull Inc.

Home to recent video singles like “Automatic” and “Letter 2 My Brother,” which have combined for over 2 million views on Youtube, Letter 2 My Brother serves as more than just Lil Kee’s introduction to the music world. Spanning 20 tracks of heavy confessionalism, L2MB is an intimate gaze into the mind and heart of an artist grappling with loss. Featuring guest appearances from stars like LilBaby, Lil Durk, 42 Dugg, and BIG30, the project showcases the young artist’s range. He hones in on his distrust and paranoia on tracks like “What You Saying” and “Bop Him,” while he delivers explosive, albeit bittersweet flexes on tracks like “Outta Pocket” and “Cold.”

Along with the project, Lil Kee shares the video for "What You Sayin," his new single with Lil Baby. The two 4PF emcees make a brilliant melodic tag team, each pouring their heart into each clever flex. Kee demonstrates his facility for hooks and delivers an earworm in his drawly croon, Lil Baby gifts his young protege with one of his best verses of the year: "Lamborghini green, Boston Celtics/Tryna quit this lean, but I can't help it/I'll be rich as f*ck until I'm breathless/Made a million bucks today for breakfast."

Picking up music as a creative outlet after the loss of his cousin inspired him to keep his memory alive, Lil Baby hand-picked Lil Kee for his 4PF label roster for his ability to deliver raw street narratives and vulnerable pleas for respite with a naturally potent vocal gravitas. "I can definitely see him up next,” said Lil Baby to XXL. “Only thing he gotta do is keep his formula and just keep putting out music and he got it."

Stay tuned for much more from the versatile up-and-comer now that Letter 2 My Brother has finally arrived.

Watch "What You Sayin" ft. Lil Baby:

Letter 2 My Brother Tracklist:

  1. Letter 2 My Brother

  2. Catch A Murda

  3. What You Sayin ft. Lil Baby

  4. Feelings Everywhere

  5. Fake Shit ft. 42 Dugg

  6. Automatic

  7. Bop Him ft. Lil Durk

  8. Outta Pocket

  9. How I Feel ft. BIG30

  10. Change Gone Come

  11. On Me

  12. Blame On Me

  13. Planned Out

  14. Spin Again

  15. I Hate Pain

  16. Cold

  17. Carbon

  18. I’m Sorry

  19. A While

  20. Hear Me Out


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