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Kakegurui: How to Get Started With the Anime & Manga

High schools are a fairly typical setting for an anime or manga series, but often, these schools are far more than they seem. In the case of the hit series Kakegurui, its special high school, Hyakkou Academy, isn't quite magical but is no less far out. At Hyakkou Academy, luck is king as students viciously battle it out in high-stakes games of chance with fame and fortune on the line.

Kakegurui's lush art and amped-up high school drama have seen it become a major sleeper hit, resulting in a successful anime, live-action series, a movie and even a cosplay from Megan Thee Stallion. Here's how you can see what all the hype is about.

The Story Of Kakegurui

Kakegurui follows the free-spirited Yumeko Jabami, a transfer student who arrives at Hyakko Academy seeking not fame and fortune, but the thrill of high-stakes gambling. To Yumeko, a fair but intense game with everything on the line is the ultimate thrill, and she only feels truly alive when her advanced gambling skills can shine on a totally level playing field. By the nature of gambling, her thrill-chasing doesn't always pay off, but Yumeko's adherence to gambling in its purest form totally throws off the Academy's countless schemers and cheaters. Yumeko can't be bought off, intimidated or manipulated -- the dice will decide who wins.

While Yumeko usually holds the spotlight, Kakegurui has plenty of interesting characters, including Mary Saotome, an ambitious student who's both Yumeko's ally and her bitter rival, and the student president, Kirari Momobami, the ultimate gambling queen who only sees the Academy's students as small fry. As Yumeko rolls the dice again and again, she draws ever closer to toppling the seemingly invincible Kirari and changing Hyakko Academy into a true gambler's paradise.

Where To Read Kakegurui

There are currently 12 volumes of Kakegurui available in English, with volume 13 slated to release on June 8th, 2021 after multiple delays. The manga is available at Barnes & Noble, Rightstufanime,Amazon and anywhere else with a large selection of manga. Digital editions of the series are available for NOOK, Kindle and ComiXology.

Kakegurui also has a spin-off, Kakegurui Twin, starring Mary Saotome and taking place about one year before the main events of Kakegurui. This spin-off can be found nearly anywhere the main series is available, including digital editions. There's yet another manga spinoff. Kakegurui Midari, which stars side character Midari Ikishima. Unfortunately, this series has not yet been released in English.

Where To Watch Kakegurui

The Kakegurui anime is currently available to stream in English via Netflix, with two seasons of 12 episodes each available dubbed and subbed in several languages. In addition to the anime, there's also a two-season live-action show on Netflix as well, with English subtitles.



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