What's up Leafers? Welcome to the latest edition of On the Rise where we interview upcoming hip hop talent. Today's guest is, Bricc. Bricc's style is trippy and raw. His music is cocky yet still authentic to the grind. Fans are sure to get hooked on his melodic sound. Check out Bricc's interview below.

Westleaf Staff: When did you start making music?

Bricc: "I started making music back in 2017, but it was only beats. I was a producer at the time making beats for fun. Since early on it's always been fun for me. Around the end of 2018 I had made over 600 beats in my vault. I really went mad crazy making beats loads on loads daily never leaving my room for long. I was a studio bug for real haha. I started learning to engineer other peoples' music shortly after. That is where I got into vocals editing and really vibed with that. Of course at first you know I'd be freestyling on my own beats, in my mind while I'd make em even I'd be noticing the lyrics were forming in my mind before I even finished the beat. I knew I had to pursue music of my own, but it wasn't time yet. I worked with local artists out my bedroom and started there, and moved on to work at a professional studio years later through artist connections. I thought to myself eventually after all this work on others music it's time I use my skill for myself and the people to hear. I was done being silent on my thoughts. I uploaded my first song round then, but took it down shortly after due to my anxiety problems back in the day. It wasn't until 2020 or so that I started really uploading and holding songs up for longer time periods and taking my own stuff seriously enough to invest alot of energy into it. But I'd say I been studying, practicing, and vibing as an artist since late 2017 when I'd make random stuff on my own beats in private. Ain't none of that getting heard ever on God hahah. Now it's public, now I'm ready."

Westleaf Staff: How did your early life shape your interest in music?

Bricc: "I grew up not having nothing, but living in a city where people had it all... it wasn't easy. I come from a single mother, immigrated on her own to get out of a bad situation, she had to struggle for us, and we had to live in government housing and go to food banks. I knew from her struggle, I couldn't be regular. I knew I wanted to do something special. I was always getting kicked out of schools, starting protests, acting out in school for no reason other than to make others entertained... it was mad strange of me but looking back I really see that was just in my nature."

Westleaf Staff: Who is your biggest musical influence?

Bricc: "Growing up I listened to alot of different music. I first was into that typical dubstep as a kid, like deadmau5 and skrillex, and then onto what I'd call soft rock like green-day. When I first started out listening to music I was a big fan of those two genres and never ever considered hearing rap. Before I even discovered rap, as a kid I'd mess around with those DJ apps like virtual DJ and mash up songs... hahaha those were simple times freal. The first ever time I heard a rap song on my own was Snoop Dog, Biggie, and 50 cent. I remember really rocking with them as a teen for real. I really liked the beats and the crazy melodies. I shortly after delved deeper into the game to find people like chief Keef, and then shortly after Xxxtentacion and Skimask and kid trunks before they even had 10k followers. It was a whole new scene for me when I was a kid growing up, and it really became a part of me, and the music and the industry and the community behind it all became a true passion of mine thanks to these artists that showed me whats up with the real side of it. What really made it all so real for me was the time when I was on a phone call with Skimask, Xxxtentacion, and kid trunks after trunks had posted his phone number on twitter when he had less then 10k followers and I called and got to speak to them all. That really motivated me more then they know..!"

Westleaaf Staff: What has been the defining moment in your music career?

Bricc: "I remember I was making rap songs early on for fun when I made beats, not even 10 beats in I had bought my own MIDI portable piano. I thought I was murda beats lmao... no cap... but I remember me and my bro would freestyle together in parking lots and by the water ballin up and I remember there was a rapper named Petro, who had worked with an artist named Yung Tory who is poppin' right now, but yeah, I remember I had heard of this local artist and thought man if I could work with dude, that would be legendary but never thought something like that would happen. I tried hitting up Petro on instagram, who many people 'round me listened to and he was poppin' himself at the time, and dude actually replied and we vibed out. I ended up linking up with petro and meeting the guy and we really hit it off. Ever since we been good friends. I ended up meeting Murda Beats at his birthday party too, that was dope. I also hosted a concert myself where Toronto rappers Top 5 and Lb Spiffy performed. I had lots of music moments where early on I thought, man this really happening."

Westleaf Staff: What makes you a unique artist?

Bricc: "The way I make music isn't the regular way. I don't write shit down, ponder my words and use a notepad. I don't overthink it. I just go off vibes and the movement of my energy and the words come as I go. Off rip. I try to make up adlibs and sounds as I go. I try to vibe with the track as if it was an extension of my vibration and feeling in the moment. You can't force art, same way this is art, you can't force your sound it gotta be your creative spirit. Gotta be natural. "

Westleaf Staff: What does art mean to you?

Bricc: "I mentioned before right, to me, art is an expression. If it feels forced, if it feels wrong, it ain't art that's just work. This ain't work to me. It comes naturally. Sit me down and ask me to write an essay. I won't wanna do it. Ask me to talk about music, to write about this interview even, I'll do it all forever. Music gotta come from the heart, so do art, it is an art and anyone who disagree ain't the type of energy we need. Straight up!"

Westleaf Staff: Describe music in three words.

Bricc: "Passion, Expression, and Energy."

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