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'Chainsaw Man' and What We Know About the Anime Adaptation

The extraordinarily popular and delightfully bizarre “Chainsaw Man” manga has at last been developed into an anime.

Produced by none other than MAPPA of “Attack on Titan” fame, fans of the original series are most certainly wondering what the 4-1-1 on the show (cough, the release date, cough) may be.

Below is all that we know about the “Chainsaw Man” anime so far.

Let’s start off with the basics, i.e., what exactly is “Chainsaw Man” about, anyway? Well, the plot of the manga is as unconventional as its title implies: a young man named Denji is picking up where his deceased father’s debt left off, working for none other than the yakuza as a devil hunter.

Surprising no one, the yakuza end up doing Denji dirty, killing him over a shady contract and leading him to be brought back to life as a human-devil hybrid who just-as-unsurprisingly goes on a super gory, chainsaw-fueled killing spree. There’s obviously a lot more to the story than that, but, alas, PennLive anime and manga posts shall always remain spoiler-free.

Now, back to the anime: HITC reports how the rumor mill of a potential “Chainsaw Man” television series first began to churn in December 2020. An official trailer for the anime was then released naught but a couple of weeks ago, providing not a lot with regards to the show’s details but certainly showing off incredible animation that promises to be candy for the eyes.

Anime News Network further reports how “Black Clover” episode director, Ryū Nakayama, will be taking over the directorial reigns for the show with Hiroshi Seko (“Attack on Titan”) writing the script. The show’s voice cast has yet to be revealed.

Unfortunately, the official release date for the “Chainsaw Man” anime remains undisclosed. However, HITC predicts that the premiere will take place sometime in the fall of this year.

Source: Pennylive


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