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Beanz is Here to Stay

The Leaf

Beanz became an artist at the early age of 12 when she starting writing poetry to calm the ease of her struggles within her household. With a father who was incarcerated, her mother assumed a lot of the parenting role in her household until her teenage years. Coming from an inner-city background, Beanz began to develop a love for hip hop and decided to take her artistry seriously in pursuing it as a profession. She was known in her hometown as “that girl who was spitting rhymes in the back of the bus”. As expected, her talent came natural, she began studying the art of lyricism and began perfecting her craft into the wordsmith you hear today.

After years of releasing videos, viral freestyles and several mixtapes, Beanz was asked in 2019 to be a participant in Netflix’s 1st ever music contestant show, Rhythm and Flow. The show became a huge worldwide sensation and trended #1 for 4wks in a row. Among over 50 contestants who would be eliminated, Beanz left her impression as one of the fan favorites despite her not winning the show, earning her a handful of notable publications and write ups highlighting her effortless lyricism and wordplay. Her first single “Cant Call It” released late July, and has already garnered over 500k streams on DSPS, and the video over 500k views. The future looks beyond bright for Beanz, as the world needs more intellects should can make conceptual music that will stand the test of time and get us all through, especially with the climate of society in these transcending times. Look for Beanz to garner the attention and large success she is destined for in the coming year.

Follow Beanz on IG @beanzgotbars

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