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The Twelve Twenty Agency is a marketing, branding, and talent management agency located in the New York City area. Their impressive client list extends across multiple industries nationwide and internationally as well. We connected with their founder Anthony Maitilasso to discuss the music industry, more about the agency, and some current music as well.

The Westleaf: Whats's up, Anthony? Thanks for stopping by. Wee've been looking forward to this interview. Let's jump right in. Describe your agency in 10 words or less:

Anthony: We simplify success without sacrificing quality.

The Westleaf: Nice! What advice can you give to emerging artists who are trying to break into the music business?

Anthony: Utilize social media and create high quality content to make your online brand a priority. You have less than a 1% chance of going viral, so learn patience early to avoid unnecessary disappointment and distraction.

The Westleaf: Dope. That's good advice for any brand online today. What makes an artist stand out from the rest?

Anthony: Their desire to learn and their desire to win. This business is highly competitive, so it's always exciting to work with someone who is ready to not only battle to the top but learn along the way.

The Westleaf: True. I agree. The business is always changing and very competitive. Let's talk about funding. It's the biggest obstacle we see for artists today. Many artists are-self funded, some of them working paycheck to paycheck to follow their dream. What is your message to them?

Anthony: Learn to manage your money because you are running a business. Your brand and music are a product, so make sure they have value before chasing a record deal or investor. You can invest into your own value by learning new skills or paying for the skills and knowledge on the front-end.

The Westleaf: Thanks for the tips Anthony! Let's close it out with something fun. Give us 3 genres, 3 artists, 3 songs. Surprise us with some selections and give them some exposure.

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